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John T. Armstrong Jr. MD Inc.

Gynecology in Napa, CA

John T. Armstrong Jr. MD Inc.

About John T. Armstrong Jr. MD Inc.

John T. Armstrong Jr. MD Inc. is a premier gynecology practice conveniently located in beautiful Napa, California. With over 43 years of experience serving the community, John Armstrong Jr., MD, MS, is committed to providing exceptional gynecological care for women of all ages.

Dr. Armstrong brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the practice. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in zoology at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Continuing his education, he pursued a master's degree in cell biology at the same university and completed his medical education. 

Dr. Armstrong later completed his internship at San Francisco’s University of California, San Francisco, and finished his residency at the University of California, San Francisco, where he served as chief resident.

The practice strongly emphasizes accessibility and responsiveness, understanding the importance of timely appointments. Patients can expect prompt scheduling and minimal wait times, receiving the necessary attention it takes to address every concern or question.

A standout feature of John T. Armstrong Jr. MD Inc. is the availability of in-office ultrasound screenings for breast and ovarian cancer. This advanced technology allows for onsite screenings and interpretation of results, eliminating the need for external reports and ensuring prompt diagnosis and treatment.

The practice also offers telehealth visits. Virtual consultations allow for personalized care from the comfort of patients' homes, ensuring efficient and convenient health care without compromising expertise and attention to detail.

The practice is dedicated to a proactive and informed approach to care, prioritizing early detection and prevention through annual well-woman exams, contraception counseling, and preventive osteoporosis care.

John T. Armstrong Jr. MD Inc. understands what it means to have a trusted partner in maintaining gynecological health. Call today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

OUr dedication...

Is to Relaxed, Educational, Proactive and Informed-Choice Approach to Your Health.

OUr vision...

Comprehensive Women's Healthcare that is Simple, Accutare, Accessible, Personalized and Affordable.
three generations
They said it couldn't be done...
But we're doing it
with high-resolution ULtrasound.

• Transvaginal Sonograpgy: the only current, effective screening for ovarian cancer.
(in accordance with the National Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Project.)
• Moderated improvements in early stage breast cancer detection when used in conjunction with SBE, PBE, Mammography and occasional MRI.
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Health Quiz
Have you heard or been told that… I don’t need a specialty women’s health care check up (Pap test, pelvic exam or an ultrasound screening) after a certain age? Do you have…

Dense breasts (claw 3 or 4) on mammography or by routine exam?
A previous exam that was painful?
Painful intercourse, RECURRENT urinary tract infections or vaginitis?
A leaky bladder and would rather not have surgery?
Confusion about safe, bioidentional hormone replacement therapy?
Then Consider a second opinion and welcome to a Comprehensived Women’s Healthcare

We specialize in accurate diagnosis and appropriate management of the above common conditions including wellness, prevention and early detection of female cancers, prancers, and osteoporosis.
three generations
If I were to go "out-of-plan" for a test that I want or need... I am sure the cost to me would be prohibitive.

Not anymore. This is the point of Comprehensive Women's Health Care.
Do it early... and do it well. It means better health and far less cost.


We accept most insurance providers.
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3434 Villa Lane, Suite 360
Napa, CA 94558
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